About Me

I am Robert Bruce Anderson

I am currently an affiliate marketer and a small business online marketing consultant.

Robert Bruce AndersonAt this time it is almost all I do and is definitely what I am very good at doing for clients and for myself. I have a history of small businesses and therefore marketing is something I already knew, but online marketing is something I found 5 years ago and became totally addicted to the brilliance and simplicity of marketing online.

So, as far as what skills I have as a small business online marketing consultant – I will leave the telling of that to all the pages that I have written online, and the websites that are successful set up and online. For more information on that side of my talents and experience you will need to see the body of work that I have produced online.

Please ask me if there is something specific you were looking for.

Personal stuff about me

Now I know that most of you will not really care about how many pets and stuff I had as a child, or stuff similar to that, and I do not blame you.

In fact every time I try to tell anyone the long version I watch their eyes glaze over after 6 seconds. 🙂

But what you guys don’t know is that I love to talk about myself. Hahahaha.

No – seriously!

I really do, one of my favorite subjects is to tell people about Robert Bruce Anderson.

So if you are not in the mood for a potentially biased point of view – you are encouraged to bail around about now.

Those of you who come past this point should go and re read my disclaimer page, just to be sure that you get to realize that whatever I tell you here does not necessarily affect my skills as a website developer and online marketing specialist.

I reiterate – I really am good at that.

This other stuff – well that is different.

I thought about this for 2 or 3 seconds and decided to do this list of issues and facts about me in bullet form, because that way I might be discouraged from dragging the whole thing out with too much detail.

Firstly I tell you all this with emphasis on my sense of humor and take the consequences of the fallout as it happens.

  • I repeat – I have a wicked and childish sense of humor, and continually get into big trouble with it and worse, fail to see why I should take everything seriously. You can do it for me if you feel strongly about it.
  • I wasn’t really serious about my schooling and therefore I have a suspect ability to put together coherent sentences, spelling and grammar wise. Worse, I do not really care enough to repair this deficit, and would rather go the long way around to overcome any issues that arise.
  • I am happily married with 4 children and have led a very blessed life, and for that reason am blissfully unaware of the real issues that most people have. My personal issues are self inflicted and do not really stop me from doing whatever I want to do anyway.
  • I have an addictive personality and am forever getting excited by new things – on a daily basis. Not just ordinarily excited, but like a 13 year old would be… He He He.
  • Oh, I failed to mention – I am 53 this year (going on 14)
  • The word “work” as it is seen in the common understanding or context is something I have done very little of in my life. I worked out (back in my teens – I think) that I did not like doing “work” and made a choice to only try to do things that I liked to do and hopefully get paid for it sometimes. Therefore I have been “busy” doing what I do sometimes for 18 hours a day for years at a time, and not been working but absolutely having fun.
  • If I had to describe myself in one word, I would have to use ten or so, but first will always be – artistic, or if you prefer creative. I have almost always done things that revolve around creating and designing, thoughts, concepts, products and sometime good excuses.
  • Another word to describe me would be “curious” I am a nosy Parker and am forever looking behind things, taking them apart, wanting to know what is over the next hill. I cannot help this problem and sometimes it can get me into very big trouble but I do not worry about that. It helps me do development of concepts in business and can be a help sometimes, but equally I often end up taking a concept way to far and blowing it all up. 🙂 check on me there!
  • I am a nature freak or tree hugger and am forever wandering around barefoot in the bush.
  • I enjoy luxury and quality items, but do not ever need them and often will not even notice their absence.
  • I cannot live without music. My entire life revolves around music, and I can drive my moods, my pulse, my happiness, my health by my choice and volume of music. I have music playing right now, and it is keeping me smiling.
  • I am passionate to the point of excess about things that I like to do, and this Internet online marketing is the current passion of mine and is showing not the tiniest sign of waning. Cool!
  • I am sorry that my wife and kids have had to get caught up in this swirly “work” current I have created, but not sorry enough to do it differently if I was given a chance to do it all again.
  • I am not totally sure that I am sane, but it does not really matter as I have got away with it so far. I call it eccentric. he he. Although at least three times a day my wife asks me loudly “what is wrong with you?”
  • I am tactile, I touch everything, I see, smell, hear (well less lately too much loud rock music) and enjoy everything that I can everyday. I will see beauty in a pattern on a peeling wall, or wonder about the moonlight on a cloud pattern at 3 am.
  • I do not wear shoes very often.
  • Ah, for those who are not telepathic, I am South African and live in the most vibrant and possibly the most impersonal city in the world – I call it Johannesburg, but it really encompasses a massive sprawling throbbing/living/dying expanse of Veldt/land covering local cities from Soweto to Pretoria. Rich and poor alike all thrown together. Interesting to observe.
  • I am terrified of heights, a little scared of my wife and am worried about death.
  • I have an ego that is way bigger than it should be and almost never open up like this and actually tell you about it.
  • Finally I am supposed to be doing real work and not this, but I suspect that it being a Friday night and about 10 pm it is a little forgivable.
  • I think you get the picture 🙂 I might be back to fiddle with this – or not. (update – it is 4 months later and I came to check the spelling – and found 4 mistakes so far)

Do what you are supposed to be doing here on this website and contact me to see how you can set up the perfect small business Website for yourself. One that suits your skills your passions and tailored to exactly how rich you really want to be.

We might do whatever business or service that we do because we enjoy it, but at the end of the day – it is all about ROI, or return on investment.

WE like money and the toys and freedom that it brings with it.

Ask me how you can get your share.

Robert Bruce Anderson

Small Business Online Marketing Consultant.

Webdesign Marketing Mentoring